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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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good morning. rain and dense fog around the region. i got new hour by hour timing on when this is out of here coming up. i'm aaron gilchrist at the live desk. we are learning about the death of a prominent washington political figure. and we could be hours away from a big moment in the high-profile trial of a baltimore police officer. and the campaign trail winds its way through one part of our area and not everybody is happy about it. i'm barbara harrison, news4 midday starts now. the fog continues as we look here at this time lapse from this morning. you can see the fog and the sprinkles of rain on the lens.
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the fog pretty much has maintained the same density, about a half mile to a quarter mile. i took this picture around dawn this morning when the dense fog was in montgomery county. wet roads and the fog still persists. weather alert day today. steadier rain moving in and continued fog and maybe some delays for later this afternoon. we'll have updates and postings from storm team 4. there's the radar showing this conveyor belt of rain that continues out of the southwest, out of the carolinas into virginia, now coming into the district and into maryland. we have this mostly light rain. we have a few pockets here where it's coming down harder. the darker greens here, around takoma park, college park and south in southern prince george's county, northern charles. off to the west getting moderate showers, western fairfax into prince william county. have the umbrella handy. new details about the death of former national security adviser sandy berger.
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we are learning he died this morning after a long battle with cancer. sandy berger was 70 years old. he served as national security adviser under president bill clinton from 1997 to 2001. he made a name for himself, was a key figure in crafting president clinton's foreign policy at the time. in 2005 he pled guilty to removing classified documents from the national archives by stuffing some of those documents down his pants. there was never a clear reason as to why those documents were taken. he was sentenced to probation. a statement from the consulting firm he co-founded. >> we have new information about within a early morning fire and the dog getting a lot of attention on facebook. prince george's county firefighters said they had to call in animal control because the dog was there, standing guard, next to the family that he lives with. the man was laying on the yard
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needing medical attention, and they needed to get to him. the man and woman were hurt in the house fire on 66th place in landover hills. the fire started in a bedroom around 3:00 this morning. they say there is more than 75,000 dollars worth of damage to the home. this is chris gordon reporting live from the baltimore courthouse in the trial of baltimore police officer william porter. porter is charged with manslaughter, misconduct, assault and reckless endangerment in the death of freddie gray last april during a police transport. 12 jurors are being seated and then both sides have four challenges to remove any jurors. once 12 jurors are selected along with alternates, we will go to opening statements. that's where each side presents their outline of the case, what the evidence will show most favorable to them. and that could be followed by
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the first witnesses in this case. so, we'll be updating you throughout the day on news 4, on our nbc washington app and on social media. that's the latest live in baltimore, barbara, back to you. >> thank you, chris. there will be added security checks for students at woodrow wilson high school. a student brought a gun to school yesterday. the student faces charges. more on the school's response in a live report in ten minutes. today in decision 2016, donald trump will visit manassas. we expect a large crowd of supporters and protesters to greet the republican presidential front runner when he speaks tonight at the prince william county fair grounds. you can go to trump's website for tickets to that event. trump now has 37% of the vote, followed by marco rubio
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with 17%, carson is tied with cruz at 16%. last month carson was polling at 23%. in a showdown between trump and hillary clinton, clinton comes out ahead. john kerry is in kosovo today after wrapping up a conference at nato headquarters. he spoke in belgium this morning saying he supports new action in the fight against isis. he didn't get into specifics, britain's parliament is voting today on whether to begin air strikes against isis. germany just approved sending forces for noncombat support roles in syria and iraq. and closer to home, we could learn what's next for a prince george's county police officer today. he faces assault and misconduct charges. he is accused of pointing his service weapon at a may n in ma of 2014. the officer's attorney said santiago is wrong but not a criminal. the final round of hearings in the propose the pepco marriager.
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what happens this morning could affect your utility costs. representatives from both companies and opponents of the merger will testify. opponents feel d.c. mayor muriel bowser is forcing the merger through putting corporate q of citizens. a community sports complex could soon be allowed to sell beer and wine. and it's a long-honored tradition to honor our nation'sd veterans, but now that tradition is in trouble.
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a new law is in the works to let you buy alcohol. county lawmakers are drafting a bill to allow alcohol sales at the maryland soccerplex in germantown. the annual license to sell beer and wine would cost about $2,000. the bill's sponsor says you could also buy drinks when the
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stadium host concerts and other events. new details this morning about a haven't shooting at a colorado planned parenthood clinic. an ex-wife of the man charged in the killing of three people says that he targeted another reproductive clinic when they were married. she told nbc news that he put glue in the locks of another planned parenthood clinic when they were married. that happened about 20 years ago. and she says she has no doubt the shooting was directed at the center. a holiday tradition of honoring veterans may not happen this year. the organization that puts a wreath on every head stone at arlington national cemetery says it doesn't have enough money. they posted on facebook saying they need help. it costs $15 to sponsor a wreath. he beat cancer and still led the state of maryland, now governor larry hogan wants to
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you sound off on what he does
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the fog beginning to lift a little bit, still some rather dense fog in parts of the region. the radar showing this. the conveyor belt of rain out of the carolinas coming our way. not really heavy rain but enough to make everything damp. it continues to track off to the north and east, coming across virginia out of the carolinas and district and maryland. we'll have this batch of rain coming through here for several more hours. and right now the storm team 4 radar showing one moderate shower near manassas. dense fog advisory, the counties in gray, in effect until 2:00 this afternoon. minimum visibility right now is up at bwi. marshall is down to a tenth of a mile. there's the capitol, the top of
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the dome, disappearing into the fog. temperatures are chilly. mid 50s now. may make it near 60 by mid afternoon. right now several states in the midwest are under winter weather advisories. snow is still falling out there in some places. nine inches came down already. look at how it seriously affected the roads. the snowfall is breaking records. the storm should finally clear out sometime later today. maryland's governor larry hogan wants to know what you think. she stick with the bald look now that his cancer is in remission? the governor posted the question on facebook. he posted he is looking forward to growing his hair back after finishing months of chemotherapy, but people told him they like him bald. he is inviting everyone to vote by hitting like for hair or share for bald. keep it straight or you'll vote the wrong way. so far it looks like hair is the clear favorite. you have to vote, barbara. >> i don't know. i liked him bald, too.
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right now on news4 midday, concerned parents demanding answers. >> i take my daughter to school every day and i expect she'll be safement. >> why a neighborhood has concerns about a prominent local school. and a troubling trend for kids who have to go to the hospital. we're back in a moment.
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right now storm team 4 radar
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left of your screen showing that area of green, that's mostly light rain moving through, on the right, the view from our storm team 4 weather deck cera looking at the front of our building. you can see the fog hanging in the air. the visibility has improved the last couple of hours, the rain does continue to fall, it breaks up in the carolinas. this one large batch of steady rain across virginia, the district and maryland will be with us for another two or three hours. by mid to late afternoon it will lighten up a bit. do you need a rain jacket, long sleeves, long pants, rain boots and an umbrella here as you get into the middle part of the afternoon and heading out and running errands. hour by hour, temperatures will be holding steady in the 50s as rain by 3:00, much of it pulls east of the bay. after that, a few lingering sprinkles. by 4:00, 5:00 p.m., the western northern suburbs, patches of green, maybe a few sprinkles. by later this evening cloud
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cover breaks up. breaking news come noo si s the live desk. a jury has been seated in the trial in the death of freddie grave. four alternates have also been chosen. at this point we believe a recess has been called. we don't know whether opening arguments will happen today. you can see william porter, the baltimore city police officer arriving in court. the most serious charge against him a manslaughter charge in the death of freddie gray. we will hear more about when things will get started coming up. that's the latest from the live desk. new this midday, in-depth analysis of attacks on the u.s. between 2001 and 2013. the secret service published the new report a couple hours ago.
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it analyzes 43 attacks in those 12 years. the report finds the incidents were largely by lone actors, involved firearms. security talks today after another fence jumper at the white house. the incident happened last thursday. this afternoon d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton will discuss the breach with the director of the secret service. she's expected to ask how the agency can secure the white house without keeping people away from the fence. the jumper's lawyer says his actions were a form of political protest. when the price of smoking goes up, fewer babies die. rising cigarette taxes has been linked to a decline in infant deaths. an increase of $1 shows more
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than 700 fewer infant deaths. the study was carried out between 1999 and 2010. some doctors call it the polio of our generation. more kids ending up in the emergency room for a reason you might not expect. dr. joshua weiner joins me this morning. we are talking about children taken to the er because of mental health problems, not physical ones. there's a fascinating article in the las vegas sun, about a sharp increase in children and teens ending up in the er because of no other options. is it the best place for them to be taken? >> no, absolutely not, and i think families realize that but they feel there are no options. the big problem here is there are not enough services and providers to handle the number of kids who need help. so, there's -- the problem is you have a lot of kids who maybe can be managed on an outpatient
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basis, seeing a person or psychologist on a weekly basis. and then those kids who are in such crisis, they're suicidal or homicidal and they need to be hospitalized. but there are tons of kids in the gray range, they're struggling, hurting themselves, having major problems but not serious enough to be put in the hospital, too serious to be handled on an outpatient basis. this jump in er visits, is this saying we are having more issues with mental health and children or is it parents more comfortable seeking help. >> i think it's a combination. a lot of schools and parents are worried about their kid being on the cover of the news, worried their kid will go into school or somewhere else and hurt themselves or somebody else. this week, i had to see a patient who was a college student who was sent home from college because he was expressing thought s abos about wanting to hurt a kid on campus in this case, i think this kid
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is fine, but again schools want to make sure they cover that i basis and make sure somebody is being seen. i think it's lack of diet, poor sleep, all these things are contributing to the problems. >> all right. we have another subject we want to talk to you about, it's an alarming uptick in the drug use of many people, not just teens. back to you. all right. thanks. today the first family is getting ready to show off the white house christmas tree. michelle obama will show us the decorations later on today. we'll get to see that decorated tree. the video shows last year's christmas tree. you have to wait until later to see this year's. coming up, the little change that could be coming to the next generation of iphone that could be a big deal. it has a lot of people fired up.
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i'm eun yang, here are some stories lighting up social media today. the birth of his first child has put mark zuckerberg in a
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generous mood. he announced on facebook that he and his wife would give away 99% of their facebook shares over their lifetime. the shares are worth about $45 billion. they said they want to fund various charities to help make the world a better place. facebook also lighting up with the next story. is the elf on the shelf coming to your house? born from a 2005 children's picture book, the elf on a shelf served as a spy for santa. he seems to be propping inpopp interesting places, though i'm not sure hiding in a kettle is a smart idea. people come up with some interesting places to hide the elf. the next story is getting mixed reaction on social media. apple is looking at ideas to make the next new iphone even thinner. they may get rid of the head phone jack. you can imagine that? according to, if that happens, you will need an
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adapter to use your headphones. more things to buy. apple keeping tight-lipped about
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the steadiest rain will continue to fall around our region here for another two, three hours. by mid afternoon it will begin to taper off. across northern virginia, maryland, the district we are getting that steady, mostly light rain. the darker greens, the area in yellows and the dark green is where it's coming down the hardest. it's wet out 50 west to annapolis, down 95 north and south. just enough to make the pavement wet. storm team 4 four-day forecast, the weather alert into the afternoon rush shower because of the rain and fog. near 60 mid afternoon. the low 40s by dawn on thursday. as we clear out and lo and behold the sun. remember what that looks like?
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maybe you don't. we'll get lots of sunshine on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. afternoon highs near 50. >> i was going to say the weird yellow dot what is that? frnlg>> some high-profile chefs a new restaurant inside the mgm national harbor casino. it will feature seafood and a steakhouse. the mgm casino will open the second half of next year. a warning about what could happen to those great deals you got on cybermonday when they're delivered to your house. look at what happened this weekend. a man sees that no one else is around and stuffs a package into his jacket and drives away. the homeowner says he immediately posted video from his home surveillance cameras to facebook. >> i felt violated because of the fact we were home at the time this happened.
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the fact that someone would be that brazen to approach the house and just not think twice. >> police in oklahoma city say they already have a lead on a suspect in that case. as for what's inside the package, amazon says it will replace the $20 gun holster for free. now on news4 midday a weather alert day. tom has a closer look at the rain that's about to impact us all and how it will impact the drive home. and it's beginning to look
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now on news4 midday, a storm team 4 weather alert day. showers are moving across our area. >> could have an impact well into your evening. tom kierein is in the weather center with more on that evening commute. >> hi, tom. >> it could be a problem for the afternoon commute, just with wet roads, as you well know. that's all it takes to get fender benders. we may get more of those this afternoon. we have quite a bit of rain to come through our region. not enough to cause flooding but enough to make the roadways wet. these pockets of yellow coming down harder, east of the blue rich and roanoke and lynchburg. mostly light rain is falling. one pocket of moderate showers there. another one here in far eastern and southern prince george's
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county, northern calvert getting wet as well. an area of light to moderate rain. right now reagan and dulles and marshal, bwi, all reporting no delays. there are some minor delays at laguardia in new york city. >> thank you, tom. right now, a father and his daughter are recovering after an early morning fire in landover hills, maryland. prince george's county firefighters say this dog, you see there, complicated their rescue efforts on 66th place. he would not let the first responders get near the homeowner, who had inhaled too much smoke. animal control had to help firefighters calm the dog down so they could get to the man. we just learned the jury has been seated in the first of the trials over freddie gray's death. baltimore police officer william porter is facing manslaughter and assault charges. lawyers could make their opening statements as soon as today. i'm kristin wright at wilson
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high school in northwest d.c. where a student is accused of having a gun in school. he will be in juvenile court today. parents are very uneasy. >> reporter: students walking into wilson high school in northwest d.c. are under close watch. the day after a gun was found in a student's bookbag. parents are worried. sophia warfield taylor did not let her freshman daughter ride the bus this morning. she drove her in so she could see for herself. >> i wanted to see if there was a heightened level of security. if i don't feel better, i will walk back in there and grab her. >> a message from the principal to the community says security is heightened. we saw one d.c. police fan outside this morning. >> i hope that they figure out what happened and make sure nothing like this ever happens again. >> reporter: parents wonder how and if the gun slipped through wilson's security checks and metal detectors. they want more answer and soon.
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>> did the child make it through security? how did they get in? >> reporter: and more questions. >> is my child at risk? what were they going to do with this gun? i'm very concerned. we're very upset about it. it's just a hard situation to be i in. >> we are also learning more about another unnerving incident. police confirming to us that a group of students got into a fight outside of wilson shortly after the gun incident yesterday. two of those kids were arrested. one of them had a knife. police in arlington, texas are investigating this video. it appears to show a security guard putting a fan into a chokehold during an nfl game on thanksgiving day. this is at cowboys stadium when they played the panthers. the man who is apparently being held in a chokehold posted that someone said he was being disruptive. the guard tried to force him out of his see the.
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he says the guard's response was just too severe. a local man went into surgery overnight after someone shot him. fairfax county police found the man on a service road along little river turnpike last night. someone shot him several times in the stomach. witnesses say they heard a woman screaming before two gunshots. the shooter got away. in chicago, some protesters are calling for mayor rahm emanuel to resign. the department of justice is now considering a civil rights investigation into chicago police. people in providence, rhode island won't be seeing this show this year. every time the holidays roll around, this retired officer uses dance moves to direct traffic this year the city canceled that show. that's because this officer
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responded to a black lives matter protest with a sign that said blue lives matter. >> i wanted to do this for the children. i love doing it. i love dancing. i love doing what i do. i loved the notoriety, to tell you the truth. not this notoriety. >> the incident started a growing dispute between the officer and the black lives matter movement. the officer said he'll be dancing somewhere else this year. parents with students in montgomery county schools want answers after tests showed high levels s os o s os of radon in schools. a report shows 28 schools have elevated levels of the odorless gas radon. >> outraged. i'm personally just very disapointed that you showed up so unprepared and that you showed up so unprepared for something that is incredibly serious. >> the administration will begin
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retesting classrooms for radon this month. on the nbc washington app there's a full list of test result force all montgomery county schools. the holiday season is officially kicking off around here. two big christmas trees will be lit today. the tree lighting ceremony in the district kicks off at 5:00 on the west front lawn. the tree is set to be lit up about 5:30. paul ryan, the newly elected speaker of the house will take part to help the district kick off the holiday season. watch for coverage tonight on news 4 at 5:00. and in new york, these are life pictures from rockefeller plaza. in a little over eight hours, they'll flip the switch on the famous tree. sarah dollof has a look at excitement. >> reporter: hello. it was a short journey for this year's tree. just 80 miles from gardner, new york where it towered over the family who donated it for four decades. they have fond memories of the tree, but they say at 78 feet tall it had become too much to handle.
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as you can see, a perfect fit for rockefeller center. it's adorned with 45,000 energy efficient le.e.d. balls. tonight a list of star-studded performances, thousands are expected to attend and thousands are expected to watch. there is no noun credibkr known threat, but officers will be around, and officials wanted to keep focused on people having fun, let the officials worry about safety. in rockefeller center, i'm sarah dollof, nbc news. >> that kicks off at 8:00 tonight. you can see all action on nbc 4 or streaming live on nbc washington app. he is washington's most
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famous 3-month-old. how you can be among the first see bei bei the gia
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amazing video from southern california where a major tanker fire shut a highway down. this happened east of los angeles yesterday. it is all open again now. police say a tire shredded and started this massive fire. it was carrying more than 8,000 pounds of fuel at time, which is probably why it looks like this. you can be part of the panda story at the national zoo. 25 instagramers will get to see the latest cub, bei bei face-to-face. >> you will be able to take a tour with zookeepers. let's look at mom and baby. she is passed out on her back. that's adorable. now, if you want to get
11:39 am
involved, all you have do is make an instant video saying why you want to be a part of the story. check out the nbc washington app for more information on how to get involved. there's nothing cuter. i'm sorry. >> we can just sit there and look at it. >> even the video. doesn't need to be live for me. right now, a weather alert day for storm team 4. this morning started out with thick fog, now there's a new problem, bands of heavy rain moving through. tom brings us a
11:40 am
the rain continues to fall across the carolinas into virginia, maryland, the district. coming out of the southwest heading off to the north and east. right now across most of virginia and maryland it is raining. mostly light rain, a few pockets of moderate showerses along the eastern part of the blue ridge. that will be getting closer to us for the afternoon commute. so, the afternoon commute will be wet.
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have an umbrella handy if you're heading out the door. the fog is generally lifting. by 3:00, near 60 with showers coming through. by 7:00, most tof is over. by 11:00, mid 50s, we'll dry out. finally the sun returns tomorrow. thank you, tom. yahoo! released its list of the most searched topics for 2015, sadly searches for bobbi kristina brown was the most searched. after brown, the searches included the iphone, caitlyn jenner, kendall jenner, and a video game minecraft. dramatic new video of a water rescue attempt in texas that ended with a woman's death. you can see a deputy trying to rescue the woman. she was 76 and stranded out there. the deputy wades out and then rushing water causes her to lose
11:42 am
her footing, she goes over the guardrail. crews found that deputy two hours later clinging to a tree. counting down. we'll tell you what is at stake if lawmakers on capitol hill can't agree on pivotal issues. they only have a few days to do this.
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now on news4 midday, a
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weather alert. we are right smack in the middle of a wash-out. storm team 4 radar is tracking showers falling across the whole area. >> there's no escaping it and it can be tricky for drivers. the rain can impact your afternoon commute. let's get an update from tom kierein. tom. >> we saw in that picture, we have traffic traveling on wet roads, but visibility is improving. the fog is lifting as the rain continues to fall. we have more to come, it's falling moderately to heavily in the areas in the green and yellows. that band should be in the metro area around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. after that it will taper off. after that, light rain around the metro area and our region with the fog around and the rain. wet roads, weather alert day, we'll have added updates and postings due to the rain and fog for the afternoon commute. keep up with it all by
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downloading our app. for the afternoon rush hour, it does look like we'll have caution for that. things will be slower. you need to take it easier. it is fender bender weather. by dawn tomorrow, drying out. so a good commute on thursday morning. if you drove this morning or looked outside you know how thick that fog is this morning. sheer a time lapse video. for some of you the fog only started to lift within the past hour. >> pretty cool. congress may be on track to pass a transportation bill this week but the deadline is looming on the 2016 budget bill. >> the budget needs to be in place by the end of next week to avoid a government shutdown. tracie potts has more on this developing story. >> congress has less than two weeks to extend funding or pass a massive $1.1 trillion spending bill to avoid government shutdown. >> progress is being made but
11:47 am
there's no guarantee these poison pill writers won't close the government. >> reporter: like stripping money from planned parenthood. >> are many individuals that have a problem, myself included, with large amounts of federal dollars going to the single largest provider of abortion in the country this is a delay tactic. >> reporter: after last week's clinic shooting, democrats want the committee investigating planned parenthood disbanded. >> my suggestion is that we all take it down a notch. >> reporter: accepting syrian refugees and another vote to get rid of obamacare could slow down budget talks. >> i think the president should have to take credit for the debauchal that this legislation has created. >> reporter: passing a budget is the first big test for new house speaker paul ryan. but there's hope. congress reached a deal on a five-year transportation bill. it is expected to pass by friday.
11:48 am
of course keep in mind both sides have an incentive to get this done. this is an election year, neither democrats nor republicans want to be blamed for a government shut down, especially before the holidays. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. olympic officials say brazil must test for water pollution before next year's games. this after new tests showed rio's water as filthy as ever. the associated press findings from july showed disease causing viruses in the water that were more than 1.7 million times higher than what we could or would consider alarming. today's tests show no improvement at all. they show more widespread pollution. almost half of you say you know someone addicted to prescription painkillers. it's a dependence problem that's become part of the mental health discussion here in our area. dr. joshua weiner joins me
11:49 am
again. we will talk about that. let's run through the numbers. 4 in 10 say they know someone addicted to medications like oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine and others. 2% admitted to their own addiction. this is a big problem and it's widely known. what still needs to happen to stop it? >> the dea is crack down on doctors prescribing these medications. they're making it much harder for doctors to continue to prescribe these medications on a chronic basis. we have a lot of people out there who over the years have become addicted to these medications. many of them have now turned to heroin because it's easier to access and cheaper than some of the prescription pain medications. >> that's the question, is it too easy to get prescription drugs? >> it is easy to get them. it's easy to get them on the streets, doctors are still prescribing these, but these medications have legitimate purposes. vicodin, one of these main
11:50 am
medications, is the most prescribed medication in this country. that's the medicine that you're dentist is giving to you or a surgeon after a minor procedure. these are accessible. i do think attempts are made to limit the use of them. but people take these medications, they like how it feels and it takes on a life of its own. >> is there a difference between addiction and mental health problem? >> most people who have a problem with an addiction have an underlying health issue. when we talk about these opiates what i've seen is the fast majority of people take these medications and they find that they feel more relaxed and their mod is enhanced. so you're dealing with people who probably had some underlying issues to start with. once you start take the medications for a prolonged period of time, weeks, months or longer, you're physically addicted to the medications, they are extremely difficult to get off of. who will stop the person? themselves, do you think, or a friend or relative? >> has to be everybody. the person has to realize they
11:51 am
have to get off, the doctors need to stop prescribing and they need to seek help to get off the medications in a safe and effective way. >> we hope you'll be back next week. >> i will. back to you. >> thank you. it's the holiday commercial that will either leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy or downright mad. plus the papal picture that has social media
11:52 am
i'm eun yang, here are more stories lighting up social media today this picture of the pope is capturing your attention. on a recent tour of africa, pope francis grabbed the mic to send a message of peace to the world and this photo was snapped. a great shot. twitter lit up with comments and capti captions. twitter followers suggesting he may have a swagger coach. you can imagine? ♪ are skeletons real or made
11:53 am
up ♪ ♪ contrary to popular belief they're made of marzapan ♪ >> we probably have all done it before. asked yahoo! a question. jimmy mcfallon decided to sing the answers. a christmas commercial for a german supermarket shows a man eating alone and then his family getting word that he's died. they're all dressed in black and arrive at house only to find the table is set for dinner and he's actually alive. he says how else could i get you altogether? so tugging at your emotions. an interesting way. >> wow. >> okay. >> geez. >> thank you. whoever says lightning
11:54 am
doesn't strike twice never met one woman in california. >> wait until you hear how she beat the odds and is waking up much richer.
11:55 am
we'd all like to win the lottery just once. >> but a california man is lucky to win twice moments from each other. a fast mart sold the winning ticket to rodney last week, he stopped to pick up some $30 scratchers, he stepped outside to scratch one, and won $1,000. so he decide ed d to play again. >> someone came in, bought three, he got the last one. >> $10 million. >> wow. >> they also sold a $25,000 scratcher last month and a $30,000 ticket last year making it one of the luckiest locations in the central valley.
11:56 am
i'm sure everybody is headed there now. let's get lucky with our weather. tom? >> we will by tomorrow. between now and then we'll get more rain. it continues to come in out of the southwest heading northeast across virginia into maryland, the district. we'll have this all the way into mid to late afternoon. then it will really begin to break up by the time we get into the overnight hours. for the rest of the afternoon, have your rain jacket, long sleeves, long pants, your rain boots, some ponding of the water and the umbrellas as well. we'll have that rain steadily falling for another three, four hours. it breaks up overnight tonight. tomorrow the sunshine back. a bit of a blustery day, chilly with highs around 50. friday, saturday, lighter winds, 30s in the morning. afternoon highs in the 50s. sunshine throughout the weekend. next chance of rain may be next tuesday. >> once again, i don't recognize that yellow stuff. >> i know. >> that's it for news4 midday. thank you very much for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon at 4:00. >> as the rain continues to fall across our area, stay ahead
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>> announcer: today on the meredith vieira show why kyliowa e jenner sparking outrage. and carrying guns to nfl games? one restaurant is making it harder for a child to drink soda. and opening up a new show. and you will not believe what his daughter is saying. and curb your enthusiasm. and dating robert f. kennedy junior. and the proposal from one of the fans. all starts right now on meredith.


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